The Team

The Great Lakes Surf Company was established in 2021 by Great Lake surfers and teaching colleagues, Tyler Leggatt and Mike Komljenovic. The idea was the synergy of a passion for surfing and the realization that the Great Lakes' climate has its own unique needs for apparel and technical products. 

While on the road to the beach one fall morning, they discussed the concept of a venture that would support lake surfers, kiteboarders, and water-sports enthusiasts with all that they would need in our unique climate and conditions in order to make surfing easier and more comfortable year round. The conversation quickly evolved into a discussion around outdoor adventurers and water & wind sports people and the products that might make braving the elements in our climate easier and more manageable to get outdoors... and so became, the Great Lakes Surf Company.  

Brave the Elements! Stay Warm! Stay Dry!

Mike Komljenovic

Learning later in life about his love and enjoyment of the water, Mike has become a water sports enthusiast who is enjoying his recreational pursuit and progression of learning surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Mike is a high school physics teacher, and co-owner of the Great Lakes Surf Company, a company designed to help supply specific technical accessories and gear for water-sports, wind-sports, and outdoor activities in general. In the process, he enjoys bringing events like the film festival together and travelling with his two sons and friends to search for wind and waves around the Great Lakes of Ontario.

Tyler Leggatt

Tyler is a father of three wonderful children, loving partner to Suzanne, high school physical education teacher, and avid rugby enthusiast!  Oh... and he is also co-owner of the Great Lakes Surf Company!  Having been introduced to surfing many, many years ago on the great beaches of New South Wales, Australia, Tyler still continues to keep his passion for surfing alive by frequenting a few breaks throughout Ontario whenever the winds are up and the waves are peaking!  

Brave the Elements!